Thursday, February 4, 2010

The groom's suit update

The lovely brown Ben Sherman suit arrived. Dylan tried it on. It doesn't fit properly. Ben Sherman suits are made for more the skinny hipster types. Dylan is not built that way. The suit was very close to fitting, so we kind of held our breath until we went to speak to the seamstress / tailor. The tailor is a friendly, very pregnant Russian woman. As much as Dylan was disappointed by the suit not fitting, I think she at least helped to ease the blow. It was hard for me not to laugh, because she kept patting Dylan's arms and saying, "You have big muscles. That's why the suit won't fit. Your muscles are too big. You exercise?" She did the same thing on his chest, patting his pecs and commenting on his big muscles. I could tell Dylan's disappointment was at least slightly tempered by the pride of having someone compliment his physique. It was cute. Plus, I reassured him that if I had to choose between that one suit fitting or him being buff, I'm definitely voting for his physique.

So we sadly had to return the suit. The suit search continues! Blah!

I'm thinking we may end up heading over to Seattle to suit shop one of these days.

Oooo, speaking of Seattle...! I officially got to ask my beautiful friend Melissa to be one of our honor attendants for the wedding. She lives in the Seattle area, but she was on this side of the state last weekend, so I got to ask her in person.

Our other honor attendant is Jeffrey, whom I fondly refer to as our "dude of honor". I think he's going to basically be the best man, but since I've known him since I was about 14 and we joke that he's my "brother from another mother", we figure that kind of makes him my "dude of honor", too.

We're thinking we're just going to keep it simple with the two of them, since they're the two friends who have been in my life the longest and the two who have been the most loving and supportive to us and our relationship.

I am also very thankful for my lovely friend Samantha, who has volunteered to be the ring-leader for the day. She's going to keep an eye on things behind the scenes and try to help make sure that things go as smoothly as possible. Plus, with Melissa is in Seattle, and Jeffrey in NYC, Samantha is the only local friend who has been patiently looking through color samples and fabric swatches with me. It's so nice to have someone to humor me when I'm obsessing like a crazy person! Although she did make me promise to give it a break this weekend while we celebrate my birthday.

Tonight we're going to meet up with a potential DJ and a potential videographer. After that, I'm looking forward to a weekend of good meals with friends and family, and hopefully sneaking out to a movie with Dylan.

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