Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dark Red and Mocha Brown

Today's inspiration board is all about classic romance. I'm helping a friend plan her wedding right now, and I made this board after asking her the way she imagined her wedding. She described red roses combined with rich fabrics and textures. I love the red floral kissing balls with the candles for an instantly romantic atmosphere.

Her fiance is the head chef at one of my favorite restaurants. His specialty is French cuisine, so I thought the wedding cake made by Florian Bellanger called "the charlotte" would be a perfect wedding cake for them. Besides being an impressive French pastry, it's gorgeous!

{click to enlarge}
The sexy red peep-toe shoes are from Ann Taylor. The red patent leather shoes are from BCBG. The bridesmaid dress on the lower left is by Jasmine Bridal. The other two dresses are by Thread.

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