Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Peacock Wedding Theme with Copper and Teal Blue

Early in my daydreaming about what our wedding could look like, I found myself liking the idea of using peacock feathers to add a little flair to a wedding of rich jewel tones. I have since dabbled with peacock palettes and themes a few times, but never quite put it together in a way that I thought really clicked for me. What I came up with for today's board is a little bit different take on peacock wedding themes, because I focused primarily on an almost exotic feeling color combination of shimmering copper and dark teal blue. You could certainly add the emerald green, chartreuse, deep purple, bronze and navy blue to accent the gorgeous iridescence of the peacock feathers. I just decided to simplify it by streamlining the color palette a bit and choosing two of my favorites. I also think that texture plays an especially big role in today's board.

Something I really love about the deep teal is that I think it could be gorgeous on darn near anyone.

In an early engagement splurge purchase, I bought an eBay auction lot of copper tablecloths because I've been fascinated with that color and was convinced I could make it work. (I also bought them for a better price than I could've rented white linens, so what the heck.) I have second guessed myself to infinity and beyond, but I think this palette is an example where the copper really does work beautifully.

{click to enlarge}

One of my favorite parts of this board is the fabulous Kayla dress in teal chiffon by Thread. I love chiffon. I love empire waist. I love the satin sash with the draping bow. And I love that color!

The second dress is a Rhinestone Pin Satin Halter Gown that I found on Amazon for only $70. Satin is another great fabric for this palette because it seems so rich and elegant. The shoes are Two Lips Vivacious Teal Wedges from

The center picture of the table is from Gamboa Photos.

The copper tablecloth on the bottom row is actually a picture I took of one of my tablecloths.

The sparkling rhinestone peacock feather hair comb is something that I found on eBay.

That brings us to my Etsy finds:

The pretty antique copper and teal glass sea scallop earrings are called Atlantic Bay by The Moss Garden. I know they're supposed to be sea scallops, but the shell shape is pretty similar to a peacock with it's feathers fanned out, so I kind of cheated there. I like the little rhinestone spacers, too. It dresses them up a bit.

The Glamorous Peacock Eye Feather Rhinestone Hair Clip in the center of the bottom row is by Dana Castle. I like that it's simple, but with a little rhinestone embellishment to add some sparkle.

The Tamara Peacock Feather Hairpins on the bottom left corner are by Piper Riley. Her hair accessories have pretty details because she uses little bits of other bold feathers to make them interesting.

The Contessa Peacock Headband in the bottom right corner is by sweetgrassmill. This one is a little more funky, but most girls who would chose a peacock theme for their wedding could probably pull off a little funky. Plus, that headband looks like it would match perfectly with that Thread dress!

The Satin Flower Brooch is by dollmeat. I deliberately left flowers out of this board, because I think the feathers are almost a floral alternative when it comes to bright, colorful accents in the wedding decor. This satin flower brooch with the darker blue jewel goes nicely with the theme, and adds fun texture without taking away from the colorful peacock feathers.

Oooo, and I just found this teal dress and this peacock dress at Nordstrom.


  1. This is my favorite color combination: copper and teal, and I am an artist.

  2. I love your theme and color scheme. I binged
    "teal and copper wedding colors" and found your site. I as well want these two colors and are going to make it work. I never even thought of peacock feathers. That is awesome. Thanks for the inspiration from your site.

  3. I was planning a spring wedding with teal and orange but it got pushed back to october and I was immediatley in love with the idea of copper and deep teal! Thanks for the insperation!

  4. who makes the peacock feather dress pictured above?

  5. I'm glad this board has been such a hit!

    Laura, the peacock feather dress was from Nordstrom. Here's a link to it, but it is no longer available since this board was posted a couple of years ago:

    Maybe you could still track it down though with that additional information. Good luck!