Friday, September 18, 2009

Wedding planning is never simple.

Dylan and I went to a bridal event last night and had a lot of fun. There were quite a few different stores and vendors to check out. To encourage you to meet as many of them as possible, they gave you something that looked like a bingo card with names and logos. As you met with each vendor, they would mark off their square. If you successfully had all of your squares marked off, you turned in your bingo card to be entered in a drawings for prizes. Much to our delight, my name was drawn for one of the nicest gifts they were giving away! We received a gift basket with a bottle of champagne, champagne flutes, a variety of chocolates, and a certificate for $500 toward the venue rental of a historical mansion! I had actually tried to find the mansion online before, but they don't have a website up yet. They included a simple brochure with a couple of pictures that make this place look absolutely beautiful. There are just a couple of problems:

We already put a deposit down for Jacklin Arts and Cultural Center, and we both really like it as a venue!

The $500 certificate for the mansion isn't transferrable, so if we don't use it, it goes to waste. :-(

The coordinator of the mansion seems like a very nice man and encouraged us to come take a tour of the venue. We're thinking we'll tour the mansion, because really, who doesn't want a personal tour of a beautiful old mansion? If it somehow manages to be the perfect place for us (which is a long shot), then we'll have to really weigh our options. In the meantime, I'm hoping that maybe we'll be able to work out an alternative use for the certificate. Maybe our rehearsal dinner, or some other wedding related party?

So my overall reaction has been, "YAY and crap!" I really hope everything works out!


I also wanted to tell all you brides-to-be about a great deal on Amazon today. Their MP3 deal of the day is The 99 Most Essential Baroque Masterpieces for only $1.99! They aren't all the best arrangements for some of the songs, but if you're looking for some nice background music before the ceremony, during dinner, or even your processional, this is a nice sampler. 99 songs for $1.99 is hard to beat! Even if you're not familiar with this kind of music, you're likely to recognize several of these tracks as songs you've heard associated with weddings before.

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