Monday, May 18, 2009

Pale Peach and Gray

Lately I've really been favoring both gray and peach in wedding themes, so I thought I'd make a board of the two together. It's soft and romantic, but a little unexpected at the same time. I think this would be a lovely palette for spring because the combination is both cozy and fresh -- perfect for the unpredictable springtime weather we've been having!

{click to enlarge}

The dresses, shoes and gray suit are all from J. Crew, except for the strapless gray dress which is from the Eden bridesmaids line. I love all of them because they're all reasonably priced and none of them scream "I'm going to prom or in a wedding!" They're all very wearable styles, which is nice for your bridal party because they don't have to get stuck with an outfit they'll never be able to wear again. And who knew that they had such cute shoes at J. Crew?! I love the peep-toe pumps with the bow. Super cute!

The spray rose boutonniere, the cake / meringue, champagne bubble candy favors and the monogrammed sweater are all from Martha Stewart.

The roses are called Sahara and the white peach sangria looks fantastic.

Sometimes I like to play around with different fonts and designs for wedding invitations. I thought something like this one would be sweet with the pale peach and gray palette.

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