Sunday, May 17, 2009

Soapbox Sundays!

As I've been scouring the usual wedding websites this week, I have been especially aware of some of the less-than-fabulous wedding finds and ideas. I figure what's the point of having a blog if you can't vent your opinions once in a while? Maybe that will be my Sunday blog tradition -- Soapbox Sunday! Don't worry, probably not. :-P

But I do think it sounds like fun to talk a little trash about some of the weird things that are available under the guise of wedding worthy.

For example, Martha Stewart Weddings surprised me this week. I think Martha Stewart is the bees knees when it comes to all things domestic, but I'm skeptical that she would actually put her stamp of approval on a couple of the latest "favorite new wedding gowns."

Like this Bubble Dress by Amsale:

My first impression of this dress: Albino Grimace meets Beekeeper. Add a ridiculously large and unflattering "just-say-no-bow" to the chest and voila! I'm putting it in my "not even if it were free" category.

Next is this Lela Rose Layered dress:

I almost want to try to like this one. I think I could like it from the waist up on the right person. I do like the colors. But once you get past that mocha sash... NO ONE in the universe looks good wearing a stack of coffee filters as a skirt. It's like the designer just walked through the disposable plates and cups at Costco and thought, "Eureka! I'm feeling inspired!". I actually really do like layers on a dress, I just wish this one had about half the volume so that the poor girl could actually put her arms down without looking like she was stuck in an inverted cupcake. Maybe they could rig it like blinds and lower the layers to add length and lose some volume. Then at the reception you could pull the cord and hike it back up to dance the night away. I might be convinced then.

If I have just mocked your dream wedding dress, I apologize. Maybe I just don't have the "vision" required to imagine these in a flattering light. If you think you can rock one of these dresses, feel free to send me a picture. You might change my mind.

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  1. Too funny!! I'm all for the Sunday trash talk!! Oops, I mean, Sunday Soapbox!