Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pink and Chocolate Brown

My cousin Heather just got engaged! Congratulations Heather and Dave! I've been working on several different inspiration boards for her that I'll be putting up over the next few days. Heather loves soft, feminine and pink, so I'm using different shades of pinks in most of the boards I've created for her. I'm also trying to balance out the girly just a little, since Dave's wedding color preference would be the University of Michigan colors. :-P

My first board for her is a classic combination of pink and chocolate brown.

{click to enlarge}

Some of my favorite elements on this board:

The candies in the center of the top line are dark chocolate covered almonds with a beautiful glaze, called Almond Jewels by Koppers Chocolate. I've had some of their products before and they've all been incredible.

Below the candy are another Martha Stewart idea -- individual flower favors for people to take home and plant as a keepsake from the wedding. I think she used different shades of violets.

The fab shoes are by Giuseppe Zanotti.

I love the bouquet and boutonniere to the left of the shoes. They're made up of Magic Silver Roses and Smokebush leaves tied up with pink velvet ribbon. Love it!

The precious mini-cake favors aren't actually cakes at all! They're fudge layered with pink sanding sugar. Another Martha DIY! Much easier AND affordable than having a bakery make individual cakes. The blossom ring is also a Martha DIY, perfect for bridesmaids.

I also love the contrasting chocolate and pink dresses for her little girls.

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