Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spokane Wedding Venue -- Bozarth Mansion

I mentioned the other day that we've been researching some wedding venues. Recently we took a tour of the Bozarth Mansion in northern Spokane, Washington. I took a few pictures of the grounds while we were there.

This is a picture of the mansion as we were approaching it.

This is the courtyard that I thought would be a pretty place for a ceremony.

The same courtyard from a different angle.

This is the wrap-around covered porch that they use as a small dancefloor, or as the place to set up the catering stations.

The Bozarth Mansion could be a really pretty outdoor wedding venue during the warmer months. The interior is pretty lacklaster, and without air-conditioning you and your guests would be sweltering with an indoor summer wedding. Since we're thinking about an early October date, this probably won't be an ideal place for us, but I did want to share some pictures for the other brides in the area who are researching!

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