Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lilac, Bronze and Dark Chocolate Brown

When we got engaged, my first idea for a wedding color palette was lilac and dark chocolate brown. The few people I mentioned this to looked at me like I was crazy. This was before I had discovered the magic of inspiration boards, and I could not find good examples of the color combination I was imagining. I have gradually found a decent assortment of light purple with brown, copper and bronze wedding related pictures. This seems to be a particularly difficult color scheme to find in uniform, matching shades. I've decided to take Martha Stewart's cue and mix and match a bit. In this palette you'll find shades of purple that could be described as lilac, lavender, orchid, light violet, and maybe even periwinkle. I did find a lot of beautiful jewelry on Etsy that did a nice job of highlighting the color palette I was looking for, so I'm using extra Etsy crafts today.

{click to enlarge}

  1. Lilac and brown themed boutonnieres by Martha Stewart. I love fiddlehead ferns!
  2. Swiss meringue buttercream flower cupcakes by Martha Stewart.
  3. A wedding cake decorated with fresh lilacs, but I can't remember where it came from.
  4. Etsy Find: The Airy - double fluff chiffon headband by Mandizzle. Her lovely floral hair accessories are almost as gorgeous as she is!
  5. Etsy Find: Lilac Opalescent Earrings by Candies64. I love their luminescent color.
  6. Etsy Find: Romance Collection - Marianne Earrings by La Boite a Bijoux. I love the flowers combined with the opalescent gems.
  7. Leafy placecards by Martha Stewart.
  8. Etsy Find: Amethyst purple faceted glass earrings with copper by ShySiren. These have a pretty copper / bronze element.
  9. Lilac, sweetpea, lamb's ear and lisianthus bouquet from Martha Stewart.
  10. Etsy Find: Lilac drops by Kneehighs & Pigtails. These make an impact with the clarity of color and sharper facets.
  11. Lovely lilac and brown stationery assortment by Martha Stewart.
  12. Etsy Find: My Little Acorn earrings by AmberSky. Her jewelry has a beautiful vintage style. I love these -- lilac AND acorns!
  13. Etsy Find: The Flora - layers of chiffon petals headband by Mandizzle.
  14. Fresh lilacs!
  15. Wedding cake with purple flowers (hydrangeas?) by Martha Stewart.
  16. Etsy Find: Violet Beauties by bellalu0. I love this color so much!
Bonus Lilac Finds:

Lavender Butterflies Cake Wrap by Paper Orchid Stationery.

They call this Tiered Ruffle Chiffon Dress silver, but it looks pretty purple to me.

This lilac, gray and white seersucker bowtie is from JPress.

Indigo By Clarks Women's Tanzania Pump

Bonus Etsy Finds:

Bella Purple earrings by AmberSky.

Sweet Lilac Breeze earrings by dkjewels.

Vintage Wine Dance earrings by dkjewels.

Catherdral earrings by stregata.

Bijoux Necklace in Alexandrite by Kneehighs & Pigtails.


  1. I have no idea what happened to my post!

    I LOVE your post! Your collage is just gorgeous! And those colors are my new fav! So sweet of you to include my lilac rose earrings! Thank you ;)
    candice (candies64)
    The Jeweled Postcard (blog)

  2. Lovely blog and what a great colour combination! Thanks for including my Cathedral earrings!