Friday, July 17, 2009

Slate Blue, Cream and Silver

I couldn't make up my mind on what to call this palette. It could be slate blue or steel blue, the cream could be ivory, champagne, eggshell, pearl... the list goes on and on. At least the silver was pretty clear cut!

No matter what you call it, it's a color combination that I really like. Blue is supposed to symbolize love, fidelity, faithfulness, and purity of heart -- who wouldn't want those things included into their wedding? I think this particular shade of blue is sophisticated and elegant.

{click to enlarge}

Both of the lovely dresses are by Jim Hjelm. The one on the right with the flutter sleeves is actually a shorter gown, so it would be perfect for something like morning wedding with a brunch reception.

The two photos of the gardenia cake, and the succulent boutonniere are by Stephanie Williams Photography. I love the creamy gardenias. They're a beautiful flower to use on their own, and the bonus is that they're very fragrant.

Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found the jewel encrusted cake, but if someone does know, I'd love to give the person credit.

Etsy finds for today:

The slate blue mystic quartz accent necklace by ANORIGINALJEWELRY would be a lovely, simple "something blue."

The slate blue and rock crystal drop earrings are from Stacy Harkins. You've probably noticed by now that I'm fond of drop style earrings and I think these are a nice balance of crystal, silver and blue.

The Nephthys mystic slate blue quartz earrings on the far right by Blue Scarab Jewelry are another pretty option, especially if you're looking for a softer, more subtle blue.

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