Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hot Pink and Green - Watermelon?

Today's theme is all about bright and summery. I've always liked pink and green together, so I decided to amp up the combination by focusing on the bright and bold side of the spectrum.

{click to enlarge}
The majority of these pictures came from The Knot. The hot pink bridesmaid dress on the right is by Watters. The fuchsia luster satin pumps with the cute bows and ankle straps are by Electra. The green peep toe pumps are from J. Crew.

I thought this color combination lent itself nicely with this picnic reception idea. When I saw this picture, I swooned a little at the idea of a romantic picnic blanket reception. I'm guessing that particular event wasn't especially budget-friendly, but it certainly has possibilities!

And don't forget the watermelon balls!