Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Succulents

Okay, I can admit it. I may be a little obsessed with succulents. I’ve always thought they were interesting and attractive landscaping accents, with their firm plump leaves and tricky “I look like a flower, but I’m not quite!” appearance.

When I found this bouquet by Ink and Peat, I was enamored.

The echeveria succulents, combined with unripe blackberries, hypericum berries, and scabiosa pods are such an amazingly earthy balance to the delicate roses and ethereal tufts of feathers and smokebush. I think it’s lovely, and it’s the bouquet I featured in our own wedding inspiration board.

Since then, I’ve started to notice that I’ve actually developed quite a collection of wedding related pictures of succulents. Yesterday I saw some pictures by Stephanie Williams that just about made my head explode. I had to send her a little note of admiration, and she’s given me the thumbs up to share some of her work.

Her gorgeous picture of a raindrop covered succulent was enough to inspire this unorthodox inspiration board. Rather than showcasing a specific color palette, I’m showcasing my love of these strange and versatile plants as wedding flowers and décor.

{click to enlarge}

Stephanie Williams also took the photos of the boutonnieres with the pearl pins.

The bouquet with orchids on the left, the centerpieces with lavender roses and succulents, and the succulent nest placecards are all from Martha Stewart.


  1. Alyson- is that a chihuehua in your photo? It looks like a baby just like mine (but my chi is 3 years ld now). Adorable pic! I am a succulent fanantic...love seeing your photos!

  2. Thank you Julie! Yes, that is our chihuahua Carly. We have three now. I joke that I'm becoming the Angelina Jolie of chihuahuas, because we keep adopting rescue dogs of different sizes, shapes and colors!

    I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff! I appreciate the positive feedback. :-)