Sunday, June 7, 2009

I've gone shoe crazy!

I have just spent more of my afternoon than I'd like to admit oogling potential wedding shoes at

I have never bought shoes online, because I have chubby, short little feet. When I look at all of these gorgeous shoes online I always think, "Those probably wouldn't fit me." or "I wonder if those run wide...?" I'd heard about, but I hadn't really bothered to look. Today I followed a link there, and I've been glued to it ever since!

I really have to give them props. They let you search by shoe size, shoe style, shoe color, and even shoe width! Yay! I currently have four pairs in my shopping basket, and I haven't placed the order yet because I have a feeling I'm going to find more. Beyond the chance to find shoes that might actually fit me, the reason I've decided to venture into online shoe shopping on their site is because they send the shoes to you for free (usually overnight!) and better yet, the return shipping is free! I love free! I can shoe shop without doing my hair, or even putting on pants if I don't want to. With as crazy and busy as things have been lately, this is my new definition of afternoon delight! ;-) Plus, they have a ton of shoes that are on good sales or clearance, so all of the shoes I'm buying right now are less than about $60.

I've just saved a ton of shoes to my computer so I can include them in with some of my palettes and themes. I am all for wedding shoes having style and character, without looking like you borrowed them from your little sister's prom gear and without costing you a month's rent.

Another bonus: I'm going to be ordering a stack of men's shoes for Dylan in hopes of finding him some nice shoes for work, and some for the wedding. If I thought I had a hard time finding shoes that fit, Dylan has it much worse. I affectionately tease him that he has Hobbit feet. He wears 4E width shoes, if not wider. (I know, I know, try not to point and laugh.) actually has a good assortment of shoes that wide -- it's a miracle!

Here's a little teaser for some of the cute shoes I've been swooning over today. You can click on the picture of the shoe and it'll take you right to them so you can see if they've got your size or if they come in the exact shade of your rehearsal dinner dress.

These DKNY sandals even have a $25 discount right now, and they come in four colors!

And these Dyeables silver frilly sandals are only $61!

If you find some fabulous wedding shoes, send me some pictures!

And stay tuned for tomorrow, I have a really beautiful color palette to show you!

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