Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson

Everyone knows by now that Michael Jackson passed away. While I definitely think that he was an odd duck, it's sad. I've been watching tributes on TV, because it's dominating every show today. In the last decade, I've mostly raised an eyebrow at him, but I will say that as a kid I had four albums that I listened to over and over:

Madonna -- Like A Virgin (I hear my parents grimaced every time I dramatically and gleefully sang along to the title track, but felt it best not to make a big deal or tip me off that it was risque since I was oblivious.)

Cyndi Lauper -- She's So Unusual (To this day, my parents laugh and call to tell me if they hear She Bop on the radio.)

Olivia Newton-John -- Greatest Hits Volume 2 (That one is is so out of date, they don't even list it on Amazon.)

Michael Jackson -- Thriller

So when I was little, Michael Jackson was my favorite male singer.

Watching these tributes reminded me just how many of his songs I've liked through the years. So here's to you, Michael. Thanks for the memories and the musical influence you've passed along to some of my current favorites. I hope you find peace.

July 7th P.S. For all of the media coverage that I've seen since Michael Jackson's death, why haven't I heard a single mention of Captain Eo? Does anyone else remember that? It was like Michael Jackson meets Star Wars. And it was in 3-D, which seemed like the coolest thing ever in 1986! I wanted that floating cat with wings thing way bad.

Whether you remember it or not, now's your chance to watch it. I found the video online here.

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